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Scam Artist Panhandler: I-10 @ Silber

Local Gypsy Scam Artist are confronted about their scam in a local parking lot. The man claims to not speak any English, but leaves when threatened with the Police being called. This group has been spotted in multiple locations around the Greater Houston Area and have been reported to be very confrontational on more than one occasion when food is offered to their children. Video Submitted by HURNews Admin Rob Jorge

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Car Accident News 

4 Injured Horrific Accident: NW HOUSTON Hwy 249 @ Northpointe

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Two pickup drivers collided at an intersection along Highway 249 late Wednesday, sending four people to the hospital. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 249 at Northpoint around 10 p.m. A pickup traveling westbound hit the other pickup heading southbound, causing the struck pickup to wrap around a nearby pole. In all, three men were taken to the hospital in stable condition. A female was listed in serious condition. The investigation into who caused the crash continues. Provided by HURNews member: Andrew Rogers

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