Wrong Way Driver Fatality: I-45 NORTH HOUSTON

Wrong way driver killed on I45 southbound. This fatal crash occurred around 5:30 am Sunday according to authorities. The driver of the truck has not been able to be identified. The vehicle suffered extreme damage after being spun around and catching fire. According to reports from officers on scene. The driver entered the highway at Richey and headed north on the southbound lanes of I-45. The crash happened about a mile from that point. The deceased driver was in either a gold or silver Nissan Pathfinder. If you have any…

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Endangerment: Driver With Young Child On Lap

HURNews Reporter Rob Jorge captured this footage. A driver was recorded driving on I-10 East, heading into Downtown Houston, with a young child sitting on their lap. This child would be severely injured if not killed if an accident were to occur or if an sudden stop was required.  Traffic on the freeway was traveling in excess of 65 MPH during the filming of this video. If you know recognize this vehicle, please contact us to assist authorities with contacting this person. Follow Us On Twitter @HURNewsTX

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