Child Left In Hot Car: Spring Branch (Houston)

Video Submitted by HURNews Member: Ohhellnola Damadelos Cupones A mother is confronted by a bystander, after she allegedly left a crying child strapped into a car seat in the back of a hot vehicle. The witness states that the mother way away for more than 10 minutes inside a local Spring Branch convenience store while the young child loudly cried. The temperature in the Houston area was 100+ degrees on this day.  

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Houston Freeway News Videos 

Endangerment: Driver With Young Child On Lap

HURNews Reporter Rob Jorge captured this footage. A driver was recorded driving on I-10 East, heading into Downtown Houston, with a young child sitting on their lap. This child would be severely injured if not killed if an accident were to occur or if an sudden stop was required.  Traffic on the freeway was traveling in excess of 65 MPH during the filming of this video. If you know recognize this vehicle, please contact us to assist authorities with contacting this person. Follow Us On Twitter @HURNewsTX

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Benefit Fundraisers 

Help Bring Anais Home! Local Benefit

Sunday 1 PM – 5 PM 21615 Hagilbert Ct Humble Tx TO ALL MY RIDERS,FAMILY AND FRIENDS!! THIS SUNDAY we are trying to raise money to help bring our daughter home from the hospital. She has been in there for 3 months already and we would really love all the help we can get. We will be selling plates of food and drinks to help and raise as much as we can! If you would like more info please contact Jvn Anya (Facebook Contact) View Facebook Event Page Here

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