I-45 Accident Information News 

18-Wheeler Fire I-45, West Mt. Houston Road (Full Lane Closures)

All lanes have been closed on I-45. Driver are being forced to take the Parker Rd exit ramp.  HFD has extinguished an 18-Wheeler that caught fire on I-45 North near West Mt. Houston Rd in north Houston.  Authorities are expecting the traffic closure and backup to last for hour throughout the afternoon.   Freeway IncidentsUpdated on 11/18/2018 at 3:42 PM Location Description Vehicles Involved Lanes Affected Status Map  IH-45 NORTH Northbound After LITTLE YORK RD Hazmat Spill, Heavy Truck, Vehicle Fire 1 Right Shoulder,Left Lane,Right Lane,2 Center Lanes Verified at…

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Houston Freeway News Videos 

Endangerment: Driver With Young Child On Lap

HURNews Reporter Rob Jorge captured this footage. A driver was recorded driving on I-10 East, heading into Downtown Houston, with a young child sitting on their lap. This child would be severely injured if not killed if an accident were to occur or if an sudden stop was required.  Traffic on the freeway was traveling in excess of 65 MPH during the filming of this video. If you know recognize this vehicle, please contact us to assist authorities with contacting this person. Follow Us On Twitter @HURNewsTX

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Bus Accident News Videos 

Truck Slams Into School Bus

Video courtesy of HURNews memberEvan Diaz . A school bus filled with kids from the Yes Prep School, based out of Houston, was rear ended by a out of control pickup truck.Kim Kubecka reported at 6:24, January 11th 2016, that all passengers of the school bus were released to parents with no major injuries being suffered. As for the driver of the truck, details are still unsure at this time.

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Car Accident News 

4 Injured Horrific Accident: NW HOUSTON Hwy 249 @ Northpointe

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Two pickup drivers collided at an intersection along Highway 249 late Wednesday, sending four people to the hospital. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to 249 at Northpoint around 10 p.m. A pickup traveling westbound hit the other pickup heading southbound, causing the struck pickup to wrap around a nearby pole. In all, three men were taken to the hospital in stable condition. A female was listed in serious condition. The investigation into who caused the crash continues. Provided by HURNews member: Andrew Rogers

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