Northline Transit Center Fight: North Houston

A lady can be seen yelling racist remarks to a man, as he is waiting at the Northline Transit Center, in the 7800 Block of Fulton St. She can be heard yelling at onlookers,  then returning to kick bags of groceries into the street.  The man reacts to the woman’s violent behavior by hitting her over the head with a 2-liter bottle of beverage.  Not backing down, the woman again kicks the remaining bags of groceries into the street. A scuffle once again ensues.  The man aggressively attacks the woman, dragging and throwing her to the ground.  A bystander steps in to defend the woman, punching the man in the face.  

“Damn yo! This guy and crack head lady just got into it at the transit center on Northline. Ya boy was on the scene. raw footage”

Video Captured By: OJ Rodriguez

METRO Northline Transit Center
METRO Northline Transit Center