Late Night Wendy’s – Cypress

Wendy’s – 28060 Hwy 290 E Cypress, TX 77433

A late night trip to a local Cypress Wendy’s turned into quite a scene on Saturday night. The incident occurred at the 28060 Hwy 290 E. location around 11:40 PM. Images and video posted on Facebook by Jessica Martinez, along with her side of the story, end with a full beverage cup being thrown at her car.

” Last night we went to Wendy’s drive thru at 10:40 p.m,28060 HWY 290 E. Cypress,tx,clearly states it closes at 11p.m, in return to get employees turn us down too order after trying to speak thru the drive thru window which was very unappropriate!! The lady than finally opens window as we ask for management on duty & to get corporate’s number on why it was closing early!! Manager finally comes to window & obviously looked confused on what was going on we asked why we couldn’t order if it was still 20min till closing so I took pictures as he said that first systems were down but than was able to get on the computer and say it was working now and printed the information from of the computer so before he can give us the information the female employee was upset because of me taking the pictures that she pushes management,says not to give us the information & locks the drive thru window because now it proved that the computers were indeed working but didn’t want to take our order for them to leave early!! I decided to record her at this moment,she again opened the window & said if we were gonna stop taking pictures and we told her that all we wanted was the manager to give us the information to call corporate and that’s where she than started attack us by throwing soda at the window, banging our vehicle, grabbing the door handles and also scaring our babies who were 2 & 9 months old!! I have never in my life been put in this situation with a unskilled, unprofessional & wild behavior establishment.We did call the police & file a report now hopefully cooperate can investigate there employees!!😡😡 I advise everyone to never go to this Wendy’s ever & after going threw all the reviews I can see now why is has been very upsetting for previous & would be for future customers. Please make this go viral so corporate can take this seriously & clean this location up!! “

Posted on Facebook by: Jessica Martinez

What would you do in this situation? As a past employee of the fast food industry, sometimes you just want to go home early.