Harvey Flooding

Houston has been ravaged with heavy rain for the past few days. Sending freeways and roadways under water. Thousands of Houston area residents have been rescued from the rising water. Sadly there have already been numerous deaths from the storm. 

The Barker Reservoir is currently releasing water. This is the first time in history that water has breached the spillway and water has been authorized for release while the downstream path is still in flood stage. Residents are being told to evacuate, as waters will continue to rise. Hwy 6 is already covered with the flowing waters from the release. 

Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway) is currently filled with water to the top for a large stretch of the structure. Water from the rising Buffalo Bayou has spilled into the lower sections of the freeway. It will remain shut until water is able to recede from the overflowing Bayou. 

Stay strong Houston! We will prevail!